Ghosts:Exists or not???

“The Voice from the Wall” is the story of ghosts and supernatural powers. In this story, Lena St. Clair talked about the mysterious and surprising incidents that she had faced during her childhood. This story reminded me about my past days when I used to have an extreme fear regarding ghosts which later changed as I grew up.

            When I was a small child, ghost’s story did not use to be a fun element for me because it was rather a tactic of my brothers to get my work done in time. I used to get very frightened when anyone talked about ghosts or dead souls. One of the reasons behind my phobia was a big, old, and leaf-less tree that lay in our playground. I would play with my friends there, but we never tried to go near to that tree. That tree was really gruesome because its branches spread like hands of a demon. Whenever we played hide-and-seek, nobody wanted to hide behind that tree because everyone was told that a morbid demon lived there, and anyone who went near to the tree would be devoured. Our rest of the childhood days passed being afraid and apprehensive thinking about the tree.  After few years, the tree was cut down by the owner of the land. Knowing that the tree was no more, we children became very happy and began to enjoy our freedom. We celebrated our joy with our fullest as there were no days of fear and disgust. However, when we grew matured and sensible, we came to know that our fear for the tree was worthless. There was no any child-eating ghost on that tree. The community people restricted us to go there because the place was dangerous especially for small children. That area was near to the forest and was prone to many wild animals such as foxes, jackals, and snakes. During that time, many chickens and ducks from the backyards used to get eaten by those animals; therefore, small children were just told a story about a demon in order to prevent them from getting harmed by these animals.

Nevertheless, ghosts and supernatural powers have always been a controversial topic among many religious minded people. They think that if there are gods, there are demons too.

However, it is difficult to believe in the power of invisible things.  What do you think? Do ghosts exist?


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