Faith Vs Fate

Do you believe in the fate or the faith? For me, I believe in both faith and fate. Fate is when I believe that something happens to me because it is meant to happen or meant to be destined to happen to me. Faith, on the other hand, is when I believe something happens because I have expected it to happen.  I believe that sometimes we get confused about accepting the things as they are and conceding ourselves to how things are in our life. Often when I start improving myself in any qualities that I lack for a little while and then when things don’t work out I would say, “Well, I guess it wasn’t just meant to be.” This is when I give in myself to whatever “fate” has in store for me. But I approached to improve these qualities with the faith and trust to improve myself.

 Now, if I talk in the context of The Joy Luck Club, Rose Hsu Jordan’s mother had full faith in her religion until the day she loses her son Bing. An-mei, refusing to accept the fate drove with Rose to the beach early in the morning to search for Bing. An-mei offered prayers to god and the watery-blue sapphire ring into the ocean hoping that Bing would be returned, but it was in vain. At the time, Rose thought that her mother inferred that faith could not change fate. Moreover, Rose also realizes that “Fate is shaped half by expectation, half by inattention”. Because of her inattention that caused Bing to drown, and her inattention to decision making with her husband made the marriage deteriorate and finally resulted in Ted’s request for a divorce. On the other side, An-mei’s hope for the return of Bing and Rose Hsu’s expectation to save the marriage plays the other half of their fate.

In the chapter “Two Kinds” Jing-mei and her mother also have conflicts because of their contrasting ideas of fate. Suyuan is adamant that Jing-mei will discover her inner talent of becoming a prodigy if only she and her daughter work hard like Waverly Jong and her mother does. However, Jing-mei, on the other hand, believes she can’t be forced to do what she doesn’t want to. After all, she is who she is, not a slave of her mother.


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