Altruism never exists on earth.

We hear people talking about altruism, like such and such social worker is very altruistic. I too think like that when I see someone helping other people, and it feels very good. However, after I read the “Iliad 1” from Iliad by Homer, I am compelled to think that even the Gods are not altruistic how can human beings be altruistic? Gods have divine power; they can do whatever they want, but again they are selfish. They use their supernatural powers for their own benefit. For example, as mentioned in Iliad, Queen of the Olympian gods, Hera and Goddess of wisdom, crafts, and battle, Athena supported the Achaeans (Greeks) in the Trojan War because they were furious with Paris, the prince of Troy. Paris had abducted Helen, queen of Sparta by seducing her. Therefore, they wanted the Trojans to be destroyed and supported the Greeks. Similarly, Apollo, God of music and the arts, supported only those who worshipped him. He unleashed plague on the Greeks as they did not worship him.

As I was reading Iliad together with my friends in Reading and Writing class, I was thinking about Selfish Gene Theory, in other words, Gene Centered View of Evolution. This theory states that the genes, the hereditary factor in living beings, compete among themselves in escalating the number of alleles for the better inheritance of the characters they possess. I was wondering that we are built of these selfish genes, then how can we be altruistic by nature?

I want to illustrate more pragmatically for the fact that altruism does not exist on this earth. Let us consider a president of a country. He is the one who is the most powerful person in his entire nation, but again he corrupts; he conspires against his own motherland. Is that altruism? Of course, not. The powerful people do not use their prowess for the welfare of the mankind; rather they are more concerned about themselves. Even the lovers love their partners purposefully, that is, with an expectation to be loved back. For example, in “The Giving Tree,” by Shel Silverstein, the tree wants the boy to love her back, so she gives all her body parts when the boy needs. Indeed, each and every activity of human beings has a purpose, and that was God’s character, rather than human’s character as the trend has been in practice far before the creation of human beings.

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