Accepting fate with faith

     “Half and Half” in the novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan is about Rose Mei Hsu’s life. In the story, Rose Mei is a girl who desires to live as she wants. She has faith in herself and she believes in her fate too. In the beginning of the story, her mother has complete faith in the Bible. She carries it with her wherever she went. But later when her son, Rose Mei’s brother, Bing is lost in the sea, her faith in God diminishes. She tries a lot to find her son but she cannot. When her hope of finding her son back goes in vain, she starts to believe in fate. She thinks that it might have written in her fate to lose her son. However, she still keeps the Bible at her home. It shows that her faith in God has not completely diminished. The bible under the table is still clean and white which represents that she still has some faith in the Bible and herself too.

     I have always wanted, in fact have lived my life as I want. I believe that no matter what others say, we must do what feels correct to our heart and mind. Doing against our heart and desire does not have effective results.  However, fate is also an important part in our life. Whatever it is written in our fate, it certainly happens. Moreover, I believe that we are born in this world for certain reasons and we all have our own wishes and desires; our own fate. What seems good and correct to me may not seem correct to others. But our fate has been created in a different way with different hopes and desires. No matter how much we try to change our fate we cannot. It is inevitable and we have to surrender to our fate. Furthermore, that we believe in fate is some kind of faith in ourselves. If I do not have faith in myself, I cannot believe in fate. To be succinct, fate is what we have faith in and what we have expected about. Our faith continues until something bad happens in our life. And when bad things happen, which are often expected, we should believe in fate. Whenever bad things happen in my life, I think that it was meant to be. Instead of lamenting for those bad days, I desire to live further and have faith for better days in life.

     So, I prefer to live my life accepting my fate and living as I wish without being concerned about criticizers by learning from past mistakes with no regrets and with new faith.

Digya Shrestha

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