A Lesson through “Half and Half.”

According to “half and half “it clearly reveals that Rose was careless about making decisions in her own life even in her personal needs.  What we do when we fail to make plan is that we plan to fail.  As a result, she had to face the consequences of those problems that ultimately led her to end up in divorce.  The lesson that this theme teaches is that always we have to learn to be independent without relying on others and to make our own plans by over selves.  This is because we are the one going to live and we are the one going to face the consequences at the end.

The first mistake was done by her when she failed to make her decision about her own marriage.  When Ted told, “Let my mother decide what is right?” to Rose, she should have disagreed with that idea.  That was before her marriage; therefore, she could have taken her own decision whether to marry Ted or to marry someone else, or she could have at least thought a little more about that saying. Why should Ted’s mother decide what is right and what is wrong?  Why can’t Rose decide about that? Does not Rose know what is right and what is wrong?  Is not she matured enough to think about that or does not she have morals?  If not, from Ted’s mother’s perspective, is it the way of treating her daughter-in-law?

The second mistake that Rose did was letting Ted make all the decisions during the life with him before he forced her to make decisions.  She should not have given all the responsibility of making decisions to Ted.  They could have discussed properly and made decisions by both of them.  Then at least she could have given her suggestions.  We also must have the right to give our own ideas and to make comments whenever necessary.  “Half and Half” does not say that she was not allowed to make decisions.  Instead, she just ignored the necessity of taking part in active discussion while making family decisions, leaving all that responsibility to Ted.  Loving each other should not make us totally depend on the other and that does not mean simply to comply with their ideas and decisions.

Ultimately, what I would like to suggest here is not to let others decide about each of our lives.  Let us do our part perfectly by making our decisions by ourselves  in order to avoid the consequences that we will have to face if we fail to do our part accurately.

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