Half and Half and my response.

After reading “Half and half” I was sorrow for Rose, her mother and especially for her younger brother Bing Hsu. As I read about the death of her brother in the seawater, I felt very sad and simultaneously I thought that I am lucky living on the earth until now. I know it sounds strange, but I truly had some accident in the water and every time I was saved fortunately. When I was 4- years old, one day I went to take bath in a pond near my home. After sometimes, my mother came to see what we are doing and she found that I was drowning. She rescued me and forbade me to go to the pond without any matured member of my family. I was both frightened anxious about water from that accident. Besides, I never taught how to swim, so I always afraid of water. At the age of 11-12, I went one of my relatives’ home and we went to the river near their home with other sisters and aunts. When we were taking bath, I suddenly slipped into the dipper and was about to drown. Someone noticed me and took me to the shore. After hearing this, my mother was really thoughtful that it was not good sign to occur similar things repeatedly. Whenever, I had to cross river by boat or another things, I always thought that it would sink and I would die. However, nothing happened until I was a candidate of school certificate exam. At the end of our school life, our teachers took us for n excursion. There was a beautiful pond and my friends were playing with the water. I followed them and went to wash my leg and fall down. I did not know how I returned to the bank. All my clothes and purse were wet and I could not enjoy the day. Hearing that, all of my relatives were frightened and advised me to learn swimming. As there was no suitable place to learn swimming, I did not learn that. Now, the condition is worse than past. I am living in Chittagong and I have to cross the river Carnafuli by boat. The river is so furious and that……..I cannot explain my feelings of the time when the boat is shaken by the huge current of the river. I wish I would learn swimming.

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