The Voice from The Wall

When I read the chapter “The Voice from The Wall”, I had a strange feeling. As Lena thought that her mother of her neighborhood abused her daughter, I also had the similar thought. I felt very sorry for the girl that her mother did not love her. Is it possible to live in the world a daughter when her mother does not love her? However, I felt relief when I finished the chapter. Simultaneously, I remembered an event of my own life similar to Lena’s experience.

             At that time, I was in class five, when I faced the experience. As I lived in a extended family, there were lots rooms in our home. My room was besides one my cousins’ room. They were two sister lived in the room. One of them was elder than me; another one was with me in the school. As we finished our primary education, we were taking preparation for getting admission in high school. I would read until midnight. One day, I heard that someone was scolding someone with slang language. I was surprised, because the two sisters did not use such kind of nasty words whenever they quarreled. I often thought that why they could not be agree with each other and made childish arguments. By the way, that night when I heard a new voice of bitter hisses, I was frightened. Then I understood that it was her mother. It made me more surprised. How was se scolding her? Did she do any mistake or bad work? What could she do? I was asking myself. Then my aunt stopped and I heard that my cousin was crying. That sound made me so sad and I felt sorry for her. At the same time, I found myself lucky, because my mother never scolded me like that. However, next night the same thing happened. That time I called my mother that she could explain me what was going on. She also was puzzled what was wrong between my cousin and her mother. Every morning I observed my cousin that there was any sign or expression of hurt, but I was surprised that she was hundred percent normal and enjoying everything.  Our relation was not so easy that we could ask them. Therefore, we heard them and tried to understand that there was anything worse to happen. After one or two week, that mysterious event stopped and I got relief. I noticed that they were quite easy with each other. I made a decision that I would not be okay as early as my cousin could. May be she loved her mother so much, that was why she forgot everything. I also forgot, but Lena reminded me about the unsolved mater.

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