What is identity???

The topic of this unit – identity – confused me a lot. At first, I wondered why we had to study identity. All of us know that our identities are our names, families, and nationalities. However, now, I understand that we don’t study to learn what our identities are, but we learn how to keep and illuminate our identities. Born and lived in Vietnam 18 years, I assumed that my country was the best. I am proud of being a Vietnamese student, who is the future owner of mountainous land and long and fertile seashore, but my country becomes so small and poor in AUW. I realized that I couldn’t contribute anything to my county other than complaints and complaints, so I always endeavor my best to illuminate my country’s reputation. However, one day, my senior made me think that my efforts seemed useless. Walking around the streets, many people thought us Vietnamese students as Chinese girls. When some men asked us where we came from, my senior retorted, “Somewhere.” “Why didn’t you say that we are from Vietnam,” I wondered. “I don’t like to tell them about our country. No reasons,” Tam said. Tam, I disliked you. Why did you answer like this? Why didn’t you have enough courage to shout out the name of our country, Vietnam? Why did you conceal it when you have chances to disperse it? You are the one who has taught me many valuable lessons. You helped me to be myself and to do what I want and like without considering rumors or gossips. You helped me to be a good person without wanting to be reciprocated. You helped me to appreciate my happiness and luck. Like me, you felt remorse because you couldn’t do anything to our beloved country, and the remorse motivated you to study well and to achieve huge awards. However, you pay attention to big things and forget small things. Maybe, the men did not know Vietnam, or maybe they looked down upon Vietnam, but whatever, you shouldn’t have hidden our country’s name, our identities. I learn that I cannot force her to act or say something I want to. I shouldn’t have gotten indignant with her because this was her choices, and I know that she had her own reasons for the answer. All I can do is to promise myself to shout proudly that I am from Vietnam, Vietnam, and Vietnam whenever anyone asks me about my country.

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