We and Our Nature

We and Our Nature

Reading the poem “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein coerced me to think about the nature. The tree in the poem symbolizes the nature in general and the boy stands for us humans. We humans have always been depending upon the nature for our necessities.

The poem with the depiction of four stages of a boy has shown the perspective of us humans of different age group towards the nature. Moreover, it shows the change in our attitude towards nature as we grow older. We, as a child, seem to enjoy ourselves in the nature. Our attitude towards nature changes with the signs of adolescence. Human needs and desires rise with adolescence. Youths are the one who begin exploiting the nature without caring about the future consequences. They aspire to reach the apex of materialistic world. This encourages them to fully utilize the natural resources around them. They are too busy maintaining their lifestyle that they hardly ever realize that whatever they attain is dependent upon the nature. Then we can see adults, who are growing old and still their quest to exploit the nature is the same. They still want nature to fulfill their needs. Then finally at the old age, we humans take refuge under the shade of nature, but then it’s too late because we have used up the nature so carelessly that nature can hardly provide us a seat to rest our life long tiredness of achieving success exploiting it.

In addition, we don’t care much about the consequences of our haphazard use of nature. We just want one thing, i.e. our success stepping on the nature. Even at this point of human civilization, we humans are failing to understand that nature can’t remain the same forever. If we fail to realize this fact even after seeing the omens of nature like the tsunami of 2004, flood in Pakistan and currently the earthquake followed by tsunami in Japan, then we are digging our own ditch. Of course, it is inevitable to stop the calamities of nature, but we need to understand the cause and the underlying force of our random devastation of the nature. At some point, our haphazard use of the nature is somewhere responsible for the nature to show its cruel face and warn us of its rage towards us careless humans.

So, let us join hand-in-hand to aware human kind about the rational use of our life-force, nature, and secure the future of our children and their children.


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