Response to “In Persuit of Immortality:The Science behind Life Extension

While reading the article “In Pursuit of Immortality: The Science behind Life Extension” by Kristie McNealy M.D., I was surprised with everything that I read in this article. It was really astonishing to see how much crazy people could be to find the key to immortality and eternal youth.

I am astounded when I realize that it is not a new phenomenon. Humans have been searching for it since before the birth of Christ. Then, in the modern era, scientists claim that they have reached more closely in finding the cure of aging and immortality. The results of the research in this field include pharmaceutical discovering, advancement in nanotechnology, cloning and cryonics. In order to stop growing older, human are using calorie restricted diet. This process helps them to approach as young, and they face less physical problem. Beside caloric restriction, nowadays people are interested in cloning too. However, the study of cryonics seems to me incredible. It is absolutely ridiculous that people choose using cryonics to preserve their dead bodies, believing that one day they will be alive again when science and technology will be able to repair their damaged organisms.

Human beings have come in this world through natural evolution not through science. As we have born naturally, why can’t we die naturally? If every people try to be immortal, population will increase. Giving a child birth is one of the most enjoyable events in a parent’s life. However, people will become selfish in the future. In order to reduce population and enjoy the world, people will stop giving birth to a child. In addition, people want to stop aging and always wish to become young. If every people look as young as their children, how can one distinguish between parents and their children? We will speak to our friends’ parents in the same way we talk to our friends. People won’t respect each other. Some of us might love any of our friends’ Mom or Dad and will marry him or her. Can anyone think what the situation will be then? We won’t have any morality or feelings at that time. Scientists might be able to stop aging and make people immortal, but can they stop aging of our mind? One day some of immortal people might lose interest in this world and wish to die. However, will there be any way of dying? Immortal people can experience everything, but they can’t have the taste of dying. Hence, as scientists always pretend to be busy with research, in the future they might be busy in searching the key to gain mortality.

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