Response on “Two Kinds”

The short story “Two Kinds” focuses on the theme that how parents coerce their children to their wishes and children oppose them. In the story, Jing-mei’s Mom would create pressure upon Jing-mei to become a popular person in her community. Like Suyuan Woo, Jing-mei’s Mom, I have an aunt who always compelled her daughter to follow her advices in order to make my cousin an exceptional, well-liked girl in her community.

Since my cousin was a little girl, my aunt would say her that she had to be an admired girl in her society. Like Jing-mei, my cousin would also think in the same way that she had to make her family and community proud. That’s why, her Mom told her to be a doctor as there was no female doctor in her community. It would be praiseworthy. In order to become a doctor, one had to study hard. Thus, her Mom always told her to study. At first, she was enthusiastic and followed her Mom’s direction. As the education system of Bangladesh was boring, she found it more interesting in reading books that are not related to her texts. Her mother became angry to see that her daughter had moved away from the track. She started to guard her while studying and also compelled her to her school books.

However, my cousin found it difficult to become a doctor because becoming a doctor in Bangladesh required not only hard work but also luck. She realized that it was not her path. She should choose such profession that seemed to her interesting. Hence, whenever her Mom told her to study, she would open a textbook and sat in front of it; nevertheless, she would not study anything. In fact she had no other way because her Mom never tried to understand her. Sometimes she might have studied the lessons. However, she would not write the answers in the exam in order to obtain a bad grade because she wanted to show her Mom that she wasn’t good student to be a doctor. Her Mom still believes that she can be a popular person and my sister never follows her advice. Moreover, she hasn’t still got the opportunity to choose a perfect subject for her. She thinks she can never find it if she lives with her Mom. So, the only thing now she feels is that she would never treat her children in this way. After reading the story “Two Kinds” and analyzing my cousin’s life, I too think that my children won’t be ever treated in the same way.

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