My Response to Chanda’s Secrets written by Allan Stratton

Chanda’s Secrets is a book written by Allan Stratton, who is a  internationally published and produced playwright and novelist. It is a story about one young woman and her family. It is written in first person point of view. The main character is Chanda, the protagonist; tell us the story about her life and family. I read first few chapters and it really made me to think about women’s life.

In first few chapters, Chanda tells about her mother. Her mother gets married to chanda’s father and gives birth to five children, Chanda, her sister and three brothers.  Her father and three brothers worked in a gold mining industry as a labor and they lived a normal life. However, her father and brothers were killed in an explosion. Chanda’s mother then gets married to a quite wealthy man known as Issac Pheto and gave birth to a daughter. Her mother married Issac thinking that she would have a better married life than a widow life. However, her thoughts were proved wrong when Issac tried to rape her eleven year old daughter, Chanda, and chased them away when Chanda didn’t allow him to touch her. In order to get shelter and food, her mother again gets married to another man known as Mr.Dube, a middle-aged man. He treated her family well. They lived as a happy family with one more child in their family. Unfortunately, Mr. Dube lived a short life.  Her mother found tough to handle three children by herself; therefore, she again gets married to a man known as Jonah, who is quite younger than herself. He too treated her family well, and he had a daughter from her. However, his daughter died due to some diseases. He then started to drink and waste money. Chanda’s mother didn’t regret about her miserable married life instead she accepted everything as a fate. I am still reading the book and I am not sure whether she will marry another man or not. What do you think?

Well, after reading about Chanda’s mother’s life, I wondered that is it really impossible for a woman to take care of her children by her own strength especially after her first husband’s death?  Why a woman usually needs a man’s help to look after her family?  Why Chanda’s mother didn’t lose her hope even after the failure of her second marriage?  Is it due to gender discrimination that didn’t allow Chanda’s mother to live an independent life? Such questions came up in my mind. Till the pages I have read, nothing was mentioned about how Chanda’s mother felt about her life and what she expects. I am looking forward to get the answers to my questions.


One Response to My Response to Chanda’s Secrets written by Allan Stratton

  1. Kalpana23 says:

    My dear friend,
    It’s always been my great interest to read book on gender discrimination. I am glad that you’ve shared about Chanda’s Secret. Yeah! it’s very obvious that when we read those kinds of books, several queries like you have mentioned in your blog arise in our mind. It would have been the same case if I read the book. Of course! women shouldnot be so much dependent on men for livelihood; they should live independently. It really sounds ridiculous that Chanda’s mother remarried for three times in search of happiness. Instead, she could have done a job and reared her two daughters and live a happy life. In fact, gender discrimination is deeply rooted in our societies mainly because of women as they themselves do not want to practice their right to freedom — their independence. If Chanda’s mother hadn’t married again again and had lived independently, that could be an example for other women to live in that way, to think that men are not necessarily important for living. Nevertheless, what she did only increases men’s virility. Eventually, gender inequality ever remains prevalent in the societies.

    Now, it’s our time to show the world about caliber of women to surpass men’s caliber because “Example is better then precept.”

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