Life without Death

In our previous class we had discussed about life without death. In that class, some of our friends wished to live forever and some did not wish to live forever. I admire my friends’ view of living forever. According to them, living forever would be a great opportunity in life. They can enjoy their life and see what will happen in future. Moreover, they do not have to fear about death and live as much as they want in this beautiful world.

However, if I got a chance to live forever, I would not choose it. In my view, living forever does not mean to enjoy our life. If death is eliminated from our life, our life will become meaningless. I think that death gives meaning to our life. We know that we are going to die, so we try to enjoy each day of our life to its fullest. We work hard to make our life better and try not to hurt others. We solve the disputes among people and become cooperative and friendly. Our life is limited and we want to achieve as much as we want in our limited life. Yes, if we die, we will not be able to see what will happen in the future. But, at least we will see what happens in the present until we live. If there is no death then we will become arrogant and will start procrastinating.

Furthermore, life without death does not denote that there will be no new life in the world. The new generation will enter in the world and the old generation will not die. As a result, the world’s population will increase and the limited resources of the world will not be able to bear the increasing population which will lead to a great disaster. Moreover, when there is no death in the world, we will have to keep on living and working hard in order to survive. There will be a moment when we will want to rest, when we will want to abandon all the hard work and just take a break. Then, death will be the way to take rest and remain silent forever.

So, living forever does not necessarily mean that we will enjoy our life. In fact, eliminating death from our life will make our life meaningless and futile.

Digya Shrestha

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