Do god and goddess make mistakes?

What is god? Are they perfect? Most of the people believe in god, and they say that the God exist in the world. Although there are many religions such as christen, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhist, to worship our god, religious people believe that god is one. However, some people do not believe in God thereby, having no religion. I personally believe in god. I think god is the creator of good nature, and he is present everywhere. God is the one to whom we can trust and confess our thoughts. God love his people and all other living beings. He knows the truth, but he waits for the right time to reveal it. My mother always advises me to have faith in god, and pray to him at least twice a day. Whenever I think of god, words such as peace, happiness, love, and altruism appears in my mind. I believe that Gods can predict the future, and can change the fate. Gods are neither selfish nor ruthless. They teach people not to lie, not to be selfish, not be greedy, and not to steal others belongings.

However, when I read Iliad 1 written by Homer, I saw different characters of God. Take an example of God Apollo, god of music and light; he kills many animals and Greek people just to make his one priest, Chryses, happy. He showed his anger in such a way that he continued destroying the Greeks for nine days. Do you think God Apollo made the right decision?  Since he was a god, I think he should take a non violence action. It was a mistake to punish all the people and animals of the Greeks. The real conflict was between his priest and Agamemnon, king of Mycenae; therefore, I guess it’s wrong to harm other living beings.

Goddess like Hera, queen of the Olympian gods, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, and Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts and battle, show their greediness’ by offering e bribe to Paris, a son of King Priam. Are Goddess’ really greedy?

Zeus, god of sky and father of god, fell in love with many ladies. He seemed flirty and clever. Can I say that he was not a faithful husband? Many other gods described in Iliad seems to take women as an object. Most of them have more than one wife, and they usually go for beautiful ladies. Do you think god has such characteristics?

If answers to my every question are “Yes”, then I think god and goddess also make mistake like we human beings. I don’t think they are perfect. However, if answers to my questions are “No” , why title God is attached with names like Apollo and Zeus?


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