Waverly Jong -Joy luck club.

We have heard and some of us may have come across those people who after achieving success ,wealth or a high position in society, sooner or later fail to thank, respect  and obey the ones who have cared and helped them the most in need. It happens so that they even fail to remember their importance and try to ignore them. This action of individuals is assumed due to greed or overconfidence.

For example, in Joy Luck Club, Waverly Jong had interest in playing chess and so her mother supported her and watched her every time she played. She was given every comfort. She was not troubled to do the house chorus, instead her brothers were asked to do it so that she could practice her best in chess. And as hoped, Waverly starts to win every competition and gradually becomes known to all. Her mother is so happy and proud of Waverly that on the way to the market she tells everybody else present there as if showing off, “She is Waverly, and she’s my daughter” pointing to Waverly by her side. But this action of her mother annoys Waverly and she yells at her mother and runs away leaving mother all by herself.

Referring to the above example, one may conclude that Waverly’s actions were wrong. She should have thought what her mother had done in order to get her to this position and make her capable of winning but it seems that she doesn’t feel so. On the other hand, some may say that her mother’s actions were wrong too. Of course she is allowed to feel proud; moreover, she should be proud of her daughter, but the way she expressed it was not in an impressive way as people witnessing that scene may take it in negative sense and think of her as a proud and show off mother.

The conflicts can also account as a result of difference in generation, and the changes/difference in the way of living, seeing things and way of thinking have changed. So Waverly’s thought and her mother’s thought doesn’t match and so she becomes angry at her mother’s action at the market and leaves her alone and runs away. It doesn’t mean that all individuals do it but a few among them do it knowingly or unknowingly. On the other hand, the above mentioned points may not always be responsible for people to forget their past and treat others that way. There can be many other reasons such as individual reasons, the way they were brought up, their way of thinking, their experience so far and many more.

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