Waverly and I

 After I read the story, “Rules of the Game”, in the novel The Joy Luck Club, I found that Waverly and I share some common and contrasting childhood memories. As like Waverly, I am the only and the youngest daughter in my family. During my childhood, I used to play with my brothers and roam around with friends in my locality. We would have great fun gathering together and playing hide and seek in the straw huts of our backyards. Before going to school, my mother would comb my hair and make braids on two sides. She would also teach me discipline, morals, and traditional customs. Moreover, like Waverly’s mother, my mother also asked me to comply with her rules and restrictions.

                In the story, when Waverly’s brothers played chess, she became interested in participating. However, her brothers did not allow her, so she had to lure them with the candies. Similarly, whenever my brothers played cricket, I remained isolated from the game. I would insist them on letting me play, but they refused with the reason that I was naive. However, I used to act shrewdly and threat to complain about their mischief to our parents. Then, they would reluctantly agree to let me play.

Unlike Waverly who continued pursuing her interest in becoming an ingenious chess player, I did not show any interest in playing cricket and becoming a champion. I was competent at studies and had excellent academic performances, so my parents supported me in my academic ordeal. In the story, Waverly strongly disliked other’s interruption while practicing chess; for example, when her mother hovered around her, she could not concentrate on the game. Similarly, I could not stand any noise or disturbance whenever I was studying; therefore, I would yell at my brothers and even my parents if they distracted me with loud music and sound.

Furthermore, Waverly’s brothers had to do all the kitchen work and help their mother in the house when she had chess tournaments. Similarly, I was inclined to my school’s curricular activities. Whenever I had exams, my brothers had to do the dishes and help my mother in household chores. Although my brothers would get annoyed doing those tedious work, they could not refuse because my parents understood my hard work and determination.

Hence, these were some experiences that I could compare to Waverly’s childhood.

One Response to Waverly and I

  1. Hello Priyanka
    Your blog is very good and coherent. It is very hard to relate your own life with someone else, but you do it by using your creativity. Furthermore, many situation’s are coincided with your conditions.Your life is very much similar to Waverly’s life. I think every activities of yours is exactly same as every activities of Waverly. Moreover, your bothers are also like Waverly’s brothers. Very few girls have such life which is similar to others.
    I am eager to read your other posts.
    Thank you

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