Sometimes You Fool Yourself………

In The Voice from the Wall,” a chapter from the novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan is about the story from Lena’s point of view. Lena, the daughter of Ying-Ying, heard a discussion between a mother and her daughter from the wall which is shared by her neighbor. She imagined a girl being killed by her mother from the voice and sound coming behind the wall. One day, she saw the girl who lived behind the wall which was completely different from what she had imagined. Later, one day the girl came to her apartment and stayed for a while from which she got to know a little about the life behind the wall.

I have my own story of experiencing the difference between appearance and reality. When I was in high school, I studied with my best friend. One day, she came to me and said that she had made a friend by phone who was a radio journalist. I spent most of my time with her, so I got to talk to him sometimes. He had a very attractive voice; young and vigorous. He could talk for hours and hours without boring my friend. As time elapsed, she went crazy and planned to meet him one day. She had imagined him as a tall, dark and very handsome young man.

The day came to meet him and she told me to accompany her. It was one of the monsoon days and we were waiting at the entrance of a café. My friend was very nervous and excited to see her fantasy come true. I thought it was better to see him first before talking to him then I told her that we could hide in a bush and see the reality. She agreed and we hid ourselves behind one of the bushes. The guy phoned her and said he had reached the café. My friend told him to come inside as we were waiting for him. From the gate, appeared a man of an average height with a fair complexion and was old with a very horrible look overall. We were so disappointed and my friend almost shed tears. We returned home without meeting him. This was my experience of appearance versus reality. I believe that appearance is not the same as reality.

Can you share a story if you have one?

One Response to Sometimes You Fool Yourself………

  1. samia71 says:

    Rasani, you wrote your story in a very convincing way. I imagined the event of meeting that person as you mentioned while I was reading your blog. I imagined it as I was in your friend’s position. Though my imagination was unreal, I fell in real world when I finished reading!

    I agree with your last sentence because it is also my realization that most of the time what we encounter as real in our imagination is not real in true sense. Maybe it is the fact of the issue of ‘appearance vs. reality’.

    keep your good writing up!

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