Response To “Rules of the Game”

Like every mother my Mom was too conscious about me in my childhood. She would forbid me from many activities, which were harmful to me, by telling about ghosts. Moreover she would call ghost to come and to take me away when I would not eat food. Then, I would become afraid and ate everything whatever she gave me to eat.

I enjoyed reading the short story “Rules of the Game” of Waverly Jong from the novel The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. While reading the story, I have seen many similarities between Waverly’s Mom and my Mom. For example, when I was a child, once I cried for a doll or an ice-cream while Mom did shopping. However, at that time my mother wouldn’t give me anything but scolding. After arriving home, she would tell me that she didn’t buy anything for me because of disturbing her while shopping. So, next time, I tried my best to keep myself quiet while her shopping, so she bought an ice-cream for me when she had finished her shopping. Like Waverly’s mom, my Mom would stand over me and look whether I was studying my lesson or reading story books. Hence, when I became a teenager, I told her that I would do good results in my exams if she gave me a study-room of my own. Thus, she agreed to my proposal and I obtained good results in school. Then, like Waverly’s Mom, my Mom forbade me from doing any house-hold chores with her. Instead of me, she told my younger sister to help her in household chores. In childhood, I wouldn’t understand her many activities, but now I know why she did all these behavior. Actually she did those for our welfare.

However, beside similarities, there are some differences between Waverly’s Mom and my Mom. For instance, my mother didn’t like to show off. She never liked to tell anybody anything about her children. Moreover, she had never taken any credits whenever we obtained bright result. She would thank and prayed to Allah so that we could always obtain good results. In conclusion, although sometimes I have conflicts with my Mom, I really love her very much.


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