Response on “The Moon Lady”

I got mixed feelings while reading “The Moon Lady.” From the first part I got an image of a child who is raised among luxury and comforts, but I also observed one thing that she was mostly accompanied and pampered by her nurse, not her mother. I have noticed this in other stories and films that those children who belong to rich families are mostly brought up by their nurses or maids. I really don’t understand this matter. Is it because the rich mothers remain busy for other social responsibilities, or they just don’t feel that urgency to look after their children? A maid is indeed a maid; she can never be a mother.  I should also mention that I am not talking about working mothers here.

I felt pity on Ying Ying when she lost herself. I could realize Ying Ying’s feelings while getting lost because it took me six years back from now when I also lost myself in a museum. In 2005, I went to a trip around Dhaka city with my sister and one of my cousines. After visiting all the floors of the musuem, I was looking at some paintings. When I am done with the paintings I looked around and could not find my sister and cousin. Then I just went through the exit door and waited at the main gate. For a while, it seemed to me that may be my sister and cousin have already left without me. Various thoughts were striking my mind at that time. I was nervous and felt like to cry. After sometime, I saw my cousin’s face in the crowd. Then he took me to my sister who was about to cry. She scolded me for being so careless, but getting lost was more shameful to me because I had been born in Dhaka and I didn’t know much of it. My cousin, who was new in Dhaka had said that he thought of me a very smart girl who can never get lost. Through this incident he got to know that I don’t know anything of the city. That day I realized that what is my ability and how far can I go by myself, but I am happy as I am much independent and can travel anywhere by myself now.

I have also some confusion about the story. The part when Ying Ying gets lost is quite superficial to me. When some fishermen rescue her and asked her family if they have lost anyone, her family members make fun and denies. Why did they do like that? Were they not concerned about their daughter? Did they want to get rid off her?

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