When I was reading the story “Rules of game” by Waverly Jong, I became thoughtful comparing Jong’s passion to my passion. Though Waverly Jong has passion for chess, she could not get the enough chance to practice. Her mother was indifferent to her fascination. Her brothers did not encourage her enough to continue her practice. In my case, from my childhood I was strongly fascinated with painting. I wished to be a famous painter, but I was not well-supported by my family. I used to paint from my own wish without learning. I expressed my passion to my parents so that they could admit me into an art school, but they were not willing to admit myself. They said that if I had been admitted into an art school, I would not give more time in study. Although I was not getting any support, I did not lose my heart.

Waverly Jong got inspiration from an old man and the old man taught her the secrets of chess. On the other hand, I got inspiration from my intimate friend, and my friend used to teach me, because she was in a famous art school. At the time of break I used to learn from her. I did not play like other girls in school. I spent my leisure time in painting. One day, there was a competition which was organized by city-corporation on Independence Day. I wanted to take part in the competition, but no one in my family wanted that. Yet I did not lose heart. I took part in the competition with my friend and the most surprising matter to me that I stood first. When I heard that, my joys knew no bound. I became very delighted. Although, I did not inform anything to my parents, they came to know about it the day after competition, when a journalist of a local newspaper came to know about the history of my art-fascination to report. When my parents knew about it, they became very astonished and happy. They decided to admit myself into an art school. They encouraged me a lot to continue my practice.

If someone has strong passion for something, she can be able to achieve it.

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