“On Work”

     “On Work” is a poem written by Khalil Gibran in which he defines the importance of work in our life. He identifies work as an important part of our life without which we are idle and useless. Further, he also says that we should work engaging in it through the heart. No work is big or small and everyone who works is important. We should not discriminate work according to its level because every work has its own significance. I agree with the poet that when we work without interest, it is of no use.

     While reading this poem, I remembered about the people who do those work which are supposed to be lower class. In Nepalese society, people are still divided on the basis of the work they do. Their income level, social status and their life style all depends upon the work the kind of work they perform. Moreover, some of them are also considered as untouchable. For instance, cobbler, tailor, carpenter, toilet cleaner, and coolie are considered as untouchable and those who are business man, priest, and employees are considered higher and medium class. I think it is not justifiable and every work has its own meaning. Every human being is same and they need to have same importance and respect as everyone else.

     Through this poem, the poet also wants to suggest us that whatever we do, we should do it enthusiastically. Often people take their work as it is written in their fate and they are compelled to do it. So, the result of it is not satisfactory. Some students think that they are not good at studies and get low grades because it is carved in their fate. But it is not like that. If they read properly giving full attention, they can surely get high grades. Yes, I agree that in some cases our luck is also important, but it does not mean that it all depends upon our luck and fate.

     Lastly, the message I got from this poem is we should try to do fully whatever we are doing and every work has its own importance. We should not comply with our fate. Rather working without interest, we should do what we are interested in. However, what should we do if there is no choice?  Should we stop working or do it without any interest?

Digya Shrestha


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