on self-knowledge

In our reading writing course, we are reading various kinds of reading on various topics. For example, we read short stories like Unaccustomed earth,  and Our Perfect Summer, which are related wit real life, novel like Shahbanu and The Joy Luck Club, which show us the view of women’s inner and outer lives, pomes on various theme, and scientific and non-scientific essays.

Whatever I read, I loved Khalil Gibran’s poem most wonderful. I agree with Ms Fatema that really he is a universal poet. To be candid, I found it very critical at first time, but later I read it with more carefully and I felt that I learned something from it. I realized that there is an inner massage in his poem, though I did not get the 100%.

“On self-knowledge” is such a wonderful poem of Khalil Gibran. In this poem, he said that heart is the only thing, which can connect our body and mind; others limbs cannot do this. Therefore, heart is the source of self- knowledge and understanding. According to him, to discover the reason of life or the soul is the way of being wise. However, as human’s ability is limited, it is not possible to know or measure the unlimited truth and secrecy of life. Because, soul has own path and own world, it is not bound within human world. As a result, it is difficult for human to recognize it completely. However, as human get older, lives’ unrevealed truth began to reveal itself, by the tone of Khalil Gibran’s voice “The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.”

Really, this poem makes me thoughtful like why we are living life, what the purpose and so on. I get a decision that, the world’s life is not the end of human life and we will meet with the soul in its world after leaving visible earth.

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  1. mumthaz says:

    yeah, this gives us a good summay and the type of Kalil Gibran’s poems. I also like his poems verymuch. However, i wonder why you mentioned about the other short storeis? Are they comparable to this poem?

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