On Reason And Passion

In the poem “On Reason and Passion” the poet Khalil Gibran has showed that how our reasons and passions fight with each other. This poem reflects an idea that how we can establish harmony between our heart and soul. The poet has also said that it’s possible to manage the dilemma between these two if we make a good understanding among them.

Although I really like the poet’s style and the way he has expressed his idea, I don’t completely able to agree with him in his point of view of becoming the peacemaker between reason and passion. It’s not possible to be neutral all the time and equally consider the ideas of our reasons and passions. There have been many times in my life where I had to choose between my reasons and passions and although I had tried to become the peacemaker, I failed.

Let me tell you a personal story where I had faced a great dilemma in making the decision whether I would choose my reason or passion. Since my childhood I had a passion to become a fashion designer. After I passed my H.S.C exam, I finally had to choose the subject and university where I would like to study. That’s the time when I really became confused about whether I should listen to my passion or think about my reason. My reason told me to consider the facts that what will be my future if I choose my passion, what impact it will have on my family and friends who expect a lot from me. First of all, it had forced me to think from the perspective of our country where the profession of a fashion designer is not so popular. Moreover, because I was a student of science background, my family expects me to build up my career in the field of science as it is very popular in our country. When I considered all of those things, my reasons win over my passion as my passion had nothing to say in its defense. Therefore, I realized that sometimes the whisper of reason seems so legitimate in front of the scream of passion.

Now, my passion is to become an environmental scientist. Thus, I also make another observation that our reasons also change our passions.

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