My Response to “The Way We Age Now”

According to the article “The Way We Age Now”, “medicine has increased the ranks of the elderly.” Due to the advancement of science and technology, different types of medicine have been introduced in the market. These medicines have been successful in diminishing the health problems of the elderly people. As they are getting more alternatives for their physical obstacles in their old age, they are able to live more. The life span of people has increased due to the availability of medicines for each health problem.
In my view, increasing our life span is one of the major problems in today’s context. According to a U.S. survey, the population of old people is the same as the population of children, whereas that of working adults is half of that. One of the disadvantages of medicine is it does not increase the physical strength of the old people necessary for the development of a country. In addition, old people have to depend on others for their survival, so the more the old people, the more they need care from others. As the interest of people in taking care of the old ones has been decreasing each day, the number of geriatricians has been decreasing.
Similarly, the invention of medicine for raising our life span should be controlled because we have already seen the consequences of the growing population of the old age groups. Next, the more we live, the more we would get trouble. In old age, the emotional and physical changes often need extra care. Also, the old ones are likely to be vulnerable to several diseases. Therefore, much money is wasted seeking doctors and hospitals. These are the reasons why the children of elderly parents are likely to send their parents to old age homes. If we look at it in another point of view, we can see how medicine makes people struggle with sorrow and loneliness. Old people under medication may live longer, but they may feel alone because they may not find the company of the people around them easy to cope with. Therefore, even though medicines have been increasing the life span of people, it does not guarantee the same physical and mental strength as in youth. Although medicine has increased the life span of the elderly, it hasn’t been able to make old age easier.


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