Mother equals “Hero.”

My hero is someone who I have known my whole life, someone who makes me feel good and is always there to pick me up when I fall. She is my hero because she has been through a lot and has struggled a lot to keep my brothers and me alive. My mother is my “hero.” People might think I am showing off, but I am not. I am just sharing my views about considering my mom as a superhero. You see, a hero does not necessarily mean superheroes who fights crime and saves lives. To me my mother is a superhero because she has confidence in herself, she has strength, and she is very courageous. The people who get to know us best, from our good quality to flaws, are our parents and for me it is my only mother. She has this great influence on my life because she is that amazing person that I see and have known for the longest. I never had the chance to know my dad but my mother never made me feel bad about it, of course I miss my dad but my mom always fill that empty space with joy.

She never spoke of her past. She would say, “Past is gone, don’t worry about what happened honey. Just go with the flow.” However, grand mom told me stories about her and I always enjoyed listening to them because I felt like I have to know her better. Grand mom said my mother had a tough time when she first moved to the city looking for a job. Grand mom would say, “She struggled alright, but she was too strong to give up. She was one tough girl.” Grand mom said my mother raised her sisters and put them through college from her meager salary. She was the backbone of her family. She chiseled her way to the top, battling with the disasters. I wonder how she must have felt when dad passed away. She was all alone after dad passed away, and grand mom said she never talked about it. She just worked and worked so she could make our life better. She never gave up. My mother’s ability to improve her family’s life has inspired me.

The book we are reading right now, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan describes about the essence of mother-daughter relationship. It is very intricate, I agree, but if we observe closely, you can see how important one can be in our lives. Mothers cannot be your life and death but they can be that one person who leaves an immense “scar” within you. This book is full of mystery. We have yet to discover so much more about mother and daughter.

My mother is my hero. She is the one who makes toast for me and helps me do my laundry. She is the one who tells me bedtime stories. She is the one I will have fight with and she is the one I love the most.


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Student at the Asian University for Women.

One Response to Mother equals “Hero.”

  1. aditi27 says:

    Dear friend,
    Reading your blog reminded me of my mother’s life before marriage. Similar to you, my mother is also a role model for me. Her endurance capacity to bear any trouble and face it with calmness has always guided me to be a strong woman like her. The turns on her life reminds me the statement that, “Life is not a Bed of Rose, but a Bed of Throne”. Often times I wonder how was she able to cope up with totally contrasting situation in my father’s house compared to her parents’. Being born and brought up in a high class family, none of her relatives had thought the time would lead her to a different world very far from them both in terms of distance and capacity. However, she’s never let us feel that she is panicked with the pain of these contrasting lives. She is very positively motivated woman popular among her friends. My maternal relatives always regard her as a strong and determined person. It find myself very lucky to be her daughter who is her relatives’ first choice and the most loveable one in the whole clan.

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