“Love for Living”

“Love! Ah! Sneaking out of home and having a gender mating dance with boy friend”- the typical scenario of love that flashes on your mind when I ask you what love is. Here is the misunderstanding- people often mistake the word “love” for only “romantic love,” but love is more than a romantic feeling, rather it is a profound feeling which is the essence of human life and essential for our survival. What do I mean when I say “love for living”? The answer of this question is hidden into the verses of the poem- “On Work” by Kahlil Gibran.

            In this poem Gibran says that if you want to enjoy the earth, and if you want to discover your own soul, you should work – work for your survival and work for your living. You may think of your vocation tedious one, and you may think that it’s your misfortune working hours after hours. Gibran says that all of those tedious hours can be turned into music if you work with love. When you work through enjoying the work, it will bring the best result. On the other hand, if you work with hatred and feel apathy to the work, it must be the worst one.

  In this poem, Gibran also says that all kinds of work is simultaneously enjoyable and can be noble too. In this point, I can share my own experience. Every Friday we are to clean our dorm, obviously it’s a tedious work- we have ever done. We sweep the floor, and flash the commode of our wash room. At the beginning, we thought oh God! What a hell! This work is for the servants, what should we do this kind of inferior work?  We used to hate cleaning our wash room. After a week when it became dirty, we three roommates started to clean our dorm. One of us started sweeping the floor, another was sweeping the wash room, and the other was flashing the toilet. Surprisingly, we discovered that the task was no more tedious, and we were enjoying the work. We were shouting at each other “hey, Tshering, pass the bucket; hey, Tram, read the instructions how to clean the toilet”- we were laughing, shouting and enjoying our work. Now it’s no more boring to us, rather it has become an enjoyment for us.

In conclusion, let’s love our work, and work with love. As a student, study is our one and only main business, so let’s love our homework too.

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