When I was small I believed in a ghost. My parents said that there was a monster who would eat me up if I stayed up late at night, if I lied to anyone, or if I did not obey my parents.  I was so afraid of the ghost that, I still remember whenever I had to go to a toilet at midnight, I would go to my parents’ room and wake my father up and ask him to go with me.  When I grew up the fear of ghosts receded slowly. When I was in my school, we used to play a game called Bhoot bolaune khel in Nepali. It is a game to call ghosts or holy spirits. We often played that game at midnight to be certain that “ghosts come at night time”. We used to call the spirit of Mother Teresa or our late king Birendra. On one hand, we were scared to call the spirits; whereas, on the other hand, we were more curious to see if it would come or not. As time elapsed, my beliefs towards ghosts existence weren’t so serious. Talks about the ghosts existence by my friends did not bother me much; however, I would sleep with other girls for the night when I had watched scary movies. I didn’t believe so much in ghosts, but I was always curious to know my friends’ grandparents’ experiences of encountering ghosts. Though the stories were mostly irrational, my heart filled with fear whenever I heard them. I even believed some of the superstitions; such as, ghosts have reversed feet, they aren’t reflected in mirror, and they wear white clothes.

      I have heard some stories similar to Lena’s interpretation of listening to terrible noises in “The Voice from The Wall.” In this chapter, Lena hears a girl screaming in pain as if she were being killed to death. Similarly, I had a friend who used to hear some terrible noises at midnight. However, she would hear those kinds of noises once or twice a month, but not every day. She was my roommate. Whenever she experienced the noises of crying babies,  jangling anklets or steels utensils, she used to share her “dreams” and experiences with me. However, I didn’t hear anything in spite of being in the same room. I think that some people who are like Lena and my friend, have a special ability to imagine or to hear the unrealistic things very deeply. I won’t say this as craziness, spiritual facts or any mental problem; rather I would like to term it as a hallucination without mental disorders.


One Response to BHOOT

  1. tasnia says:

    your headline is very interesting, also the memory of your childhood memories about BHOOT! i also believed like you that there were ghosts in the world. In short, interesting writing

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