A Ghost Story

We read the interesting story of Lena and her mother, Ying-ying, in the chapter “The Voice from the Wall” in the novel The Joy Luck Club. When I was reading the chapter about the ghost, I remembered a ghost story. Therefore, I want to share the story with you.

Once there was a teacher who taught in a village school. Every day, he would go to the school at 10 am and would come back to his home at 5 pm. He was a very good teacher; he always helped his students after class, so he sometimes returned to his home around 8 pm. It was a little dangerous because there was a forest on his way home from the school. One day, he was returning to his home at 8 pm, and it was almost silent and dark as there was no source of light in that forest. The stars were twinkling in the sky, but they were not able to spread their light on the scary forest. The only source of light was the torch in the hand of the teacher. He was by himself while passing the forest. Suddenly, he heard that a boy was weeping in a loud voice in the forest. He turned on the torch and looked all around himself. He saw a little boy who was sitting on a rock, his hands were on his face, and he was crying. The teacher went towards him, and asked why he was crying. The boy removed his hand from his face, and the teacher saw that his face was of nothing but an oval shaped structure with no mouth, no teeth, no eyes, and no nose. After seeing this, the teacher became so terrified that he started screaming and running towards the other side of the forest. There, he saw a guard with a lantern in his hand in that dark and terrible forest, so the teacher ran towards him. When he got close to the guard, he was breathing quickly.

Guard: What happened? Why are you running?

Teacher (in his apprehensive and stumbling voice): There…there was a…b-boy whose face hadn’t has any….structure…

Guard (lifting his lantern towards his face): Look at me. Is the face of that boy similar to me?

The teacher was shocked and stunned when he looked at him and became paralyzed as the guard’s face was also the same as that boy’s face.


One Response to A Ghost Story

  1. auwpriyanka says:

    Dear Savitri,
    Your story was really frightening. When I was going through your blog, I could really imagine the morbid situation that the teacher had to face. I got frightened too after you described about the silence in the forest and structure of the ghost.
    However, I have a question for you. Do you think in today’s world we modern people believe in ghosts anymore? As we watch in television, the ghosts story are only created in village and rural areas. Therefore, I think it will be hard for city-dwellers to believe in ghosts, today.
    Moreover,I am curious to know if it is a true story and what actually happened to the teacher after that incident. I would love to hear the end of the story. At last, I also wanted to ask you if you believe in ghosts.
    Thank you for your interesting abservation.

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