Why Is Critical Thinking to Our Lives?

Why Is Critical Thinking to Our Lives?

Critical thinking, which is not considered as a serious matter among most of the people, is something that we all should do and probably we all do, intentionally or unintentionally.  This is often associated with questioning and the potential for finding the legitimate reasons and rational thoughts.  We should have our rationales as a response to what we believe and do, and should be able to explain out rationales to others.  For example, I would like to elaborate this theme with a support of a small anecdote.

Once upon a time, long before, a grandfather and a grandson wanted to sell their horse.  They started to ride on their horse towards their destination.  Both of them sat on the back of the horse and began their journey.  They met the first stranger on their way, after they had travelled a certain distance.  He asked both of them from how far they have been riding the horse.  Immediately he got the answer he retorted, “Oh my God, how tired this horse might feel? Don’t you both feel pity for this? If you planned to sell this, then it should look good and healthy.  Why don’t you give it a rest?”  Then both of them thought oh yah, that’s something we need to think about. The horse is innocent.  We should leave it free, if not we won’t be able to sell the horse to a good price.  Let’s go by foot and started walking all along the way.  After they had walked a few distance they looked tired and exhausted.  Then they met another person who asked why both of them were coming walking when they owned a horse implying that both of them looked really tired.  He asked them why they don’t take the maximum benefit of what they posses.  Then the grandson and the grandfather started to think in that way.  They wondered how foolish they were, having a horse with them and coming walking all along.  Then they decided to ride the horse again and proceeded.  Then a third person met with them. He yelled at both of them telling that that’s an immoral act of them to ride on the horse for a long distance.  He told that it’s a burden to the animal if both of them get on, so he suggested let the boy to ride the horse and the grandfather walk.  Both of them agreed with this plan as well. Half way again another man yelled at the boy asking if he didn’t feel sympathy on grandfather. He told that the grandfather is an old person who becomes fatigue easily while the boy is young and should be more active.  So and so many people interfered with them and gave them so many suggestions before they reach their destination.

This is due to acting without critical thinking.  If the boy and the grandfather had their own idea, then they could have answered the people who interfered with them in their way. Since they had not thought or planned well before the journey, they had to alter their plan time to time.

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