Voice of the Wall

Can you hear me? I know nobody can hear me. Even nobody know who am I? I am the voice of an old wall.  You can recognize me specifically if I introduce myself by telling you that I am the wall, which Lena used to put her ears and try to hear the sound that comes from my opposite side. My standing position is at the horizon point of two apartments. In this same place, I have been standing for several years. In this apartment, many families came to live and went.  I am the only bystander of those families’ joy and sorrow.

Among all those people, a girl grasps my attention most: Lena – a little girl- who came to live here with her parents. Though she was little, she was very thoughtful.  She could understand despite her age. She always tried to make her mother feel that her mother wasn’t lost; she was not alone because still her daughter could understand her. After the death of Lena’s new born sibling, her mother lost her all hopes for living. I saw Lena crying at night, while she felt remorse for not interacting with her mother. I cannot express, but I can feel what Lena felt. Lena had her own world where she was alone. Though, I am not transparent, she couldn’t see the life of my opposite side. She imagined stories by hearing the sounds that came from the other side of me.

On my opposite side, I glimpse another picture of mother – daughter relationship. I have met another girl. First, I hated that girl most. She was totally contrary of Lena. She never obeyed her mother. Her mother always scolded and yelled at her. For several nights, I couldn’t sleep for their quarrelling. That night, I became so scared while she came to Lena’s room. I was dubious that what will she do? Will she commit suicide? If she did then what happen to Lena? Too many questions raised on my mind. I felt relived, when I saw her go back to her room instead of committing suicide. I was happy to know that she knew her mother love’s her.

Comparing these two girls; eventually I knew that one thing was similar between them and that was they both loved their mothers. I think mother – daughter relationship is the most mysterious association in the world.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

2 Responses to Voice of the Wall

  1. vythai says:

    hi The Voice of the Wall, i’m The Voice of the Windows. i guess you don’t really realize me but i know you. i agree with you that Lena is a good daughter because she always wanted to understand her mother,and she loved her mother a lot. however, i also like the next-door girl at the first time i saw her. i knew that their scolding, yelling are expression of love. she was an optimist, and naughty. but she was the one who help Lena understand her situation now. i’m happy because now you can understand her more. i wonder what you think Lena is going to do next.

  2. mumthaz says:

    This makes a good description about the mother adn daughter’s relationships in the story. We could undestan the story well with your excellent discription. However, you could have connected this theme with your own life and talked some thing that occured to you, so that it will be more intersting for us to read. Any way, good job and keep going ahead.

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