Waverly Jong

As Waverly Jong, most of us forget the one who plays the important role in our life to lead us towards the success. Waverly Jong had not achieved all her success by herself, it was her parents who grew up her and provided the environment to lead towards success. It was her mother who kept her far away from every kind of household works though her brothers had to accompany her mother for household works. It was her mother who provided a suitable peace environment so that she could think about new tricks for playing chess. Her mother too provided separate room and stopped to criticize when she left the food on plate so that she could not be disturbed and could be able to focus on tricks about the chess game. Though in that time, Chinese women were not freely allowed to compete in such kind of games outside of home, her mother allowed her to take part and also encouraged her to play actively. In such a case, I found Waverly Jong foolish to think that her mother was using her for the sake of name. Parents always fell proud when their children get success in their life. If I were Jong, I would surely feel proud to be helpful for my mother to make her proud for having me.
I had the same kind of short true story to share with you all. It’s the story of my mother’s friend. As my mother, I have always found my mother’s friend very understanding. She has one daughter and one son to whom she had given well education and fulfilled their all demands since childhood. She had moved to US two years ago so that they could have better future, but unfortunately after 1 year, both of her children left home. There was a minor conflict which leads to that big step. Her son had also got job, but he started to use that money for bad girls. So, she had just requested him to help her in paying rent instead of wasting money on bad girls. This led her son to leave home. The same case had repeated with her daughter. Her daughter eloped with an American. Now, whenever she talked to my mother, she always used to say not to totally destroy own life for children. Maybe, she is right up to some point.

One Response to Waverly Jong

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend,
    You are totally correct to think that parents are those who help us to achieve those things we have today. Let’s imagine, without parents what will we have today? Nothing. Therefor, we have to appriciate and awe them so that we don’t feel bitterly remorse. Moreover, i didn’t understad one part in the chapter. Could you please explain it to me? Why did Waverly jong get indignant with her mother? I wondered whether she felt shy of being her mother’s daughter or being notable (i mean she didn’t want everery to know about her).

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