Response to “On Children”

Kahlil Gibran in his poem “On Children” made an effort to make all the parents clear about their bonding with their own children. When I read this poem, I thought “Exactly this is the main problem we need to talk about, with our parents.” The way Gibran had put light in the fact that, though children are brought into this world through the parents, their lives do not totally belong to parents is really fascinating. I guess arguments regarding ethics and principles pop out in every home of the world. Most of the parents want their kids to be like them, to live and follow the same principles that they have been following throughout their lives. As a consequence of which, there is a conflict between thoughts of parents and their offspring. Parents keep on assuming that since they have given birth to their children, they have right to interfere in their kids’ lives and kids should live as the parents want them to live. On the other hand, children want freedom from so-called principles and interference of their parents. I don’t want to infer that parents are always hindrances through my writing, but what I think is that though children are brought up into this world by the parents, parents should also consider that their broods have their own way of living, their own thoughts and principles. It’s not that children don’t need parents but they want them to be their guides to show the pathway to walk on rather them being path themselves and compelling the kids to walk on.
Speaking about me and my brother, sometimes we feel really depressed when our parents compel us to do the things which we don’t want to. We face such problem while following rites and rituals, regarding dress up, and language used while talking to our friends. They often say us to visit temple and to be religious. Rather we think that having faith on god from the heart is important than visiting temple. And we have our own style and way of living. I think if parents start to understand that parents are the part of our world, not our entire world and vice versa then there won’t be disputes any more. I feel blessed to have my parents and I do respect them, but I also want to be understood and I want my feelings to be respected by them as well, which all the children expect from their parents.


One Response to Response to “On Children”

  1. phamtram says:

    Dear friend, I totally agree with you. As you say, our parents are only one part in our world, not entire world. Everyone has his or her own thoughts and feelings, so parents do not necessarily understand us completely. Try to be yourself as well as listen to your parents’ advice so that you can balance your life; or the other word, balance between ” passion and reason.”

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