In the chapter “The Moon Lady,” Ying-Ying St. Clair wished “to be found” after she got lost. Nobody recognized her; indeed some fishermen thought that she was a beggar. Before that, her identification had connected to her affluent family, but after getting lost, her identification began to get loose. Many times, I wonder who I am.  Am I Tram Pham? Am I a Vietnamese? Or am I a catholic? Am I deserved to be a Vietnamese person or catholic? Sometimes being proud of a Vietnamese student who is somehow good at math, but many times I feel ashamed of my pronunciation. Sometimes, being proud of to be a catholic whose God is very wonderful and kind, but many times I feel as if I were tied to strict traditions and taboos. My root seemed to be shaky since I came to AUW because I am not competent and brave enough to illuminate the reputation of Vietnam and my God. Always complains about disadvantages of a Vietnamese person and a catholic: education is not good, politic is communist, and society has many problems. However, what have I done to bring benefits to my country and religion? Nothing. I only complain and complain. Many people who live away from their countries, at the end of their lives, have hopes to return to their families and homelands because they understand that their identifications belong to these places. How about me? I, many times, endeavor to hide and escape from my root, my origin, and my destiny. What kind of people am I? Should I belong to everything I have owned now? Thank you my homeland and beloved people for giving me those things, and I am very sorry for having concealed the title of a Vietnamese person and a catholic. Today, I know that you—my country and family are waiting for me. You are encouraging me to do something to bring happiness to myself and beloved people and to be deserved with soldiers who have sacrificed their efforts, times, and even their lives to bring peace and autonomy to my life. I will endeavor my best to make some contributions to the process of realizing Uncle Ho’s dream about a bright future when Vietnam will equate with other countries in the world.


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