Yin Yang and its significance…………

 "The Joy Luck Club"
Yin Yang

The chapter “The Moon Lady” is about the childhood story of Ying-Ying St. Clair. This story is based on the Moon Festival. This festival has played a substantial role in Ying-Ying’s life. She learns that her wish came true which she had wished for unknowingly on that day. The origin of the festival had been explained which introduced the symbol “Yin /Yang”. According to Chinese myth, ‘Yin’ represents female which is related to darkness and passivity and is compared to the moon, winter and earth. On the other hand, ‘Yang’ is the bright part of the symbol which represents male. It is related to brightness and activeness and is compared to the sun, summer and heaven.

I have a different interpretation of the symbol of Yin/Yang. According to what I know, the symbol represents the different natures of human beings. In the symbol, there are two person each carrying the same traits but different in quantity. The white part with a dark spot on it which is ‘Yin’ represents a person with pure heart and serenity. However, the black spot in his part represents the cruelty and hatred that’s within the person. On the other hand, the next half of the symbol which is dark and has a bright spot on it, Yang, represents another person. It is a person who is very cruel and rude. Nonetheless, his bright part represents peace and harmony. This explains that though the person is extremely rude and cruel, there exists some purity. In conclusion, all human beings are provided with all the traits that God has created, the only difference is the quantity which directs one’s life and presents him to the world. It is the person who uses the trait; it depends on each person to utilize more of his or her brightness or darkness.

Comparing the two meanings, what I have come up with is that the darkness, Yin, is all about something negative or dependency as it relies on light for its brightness. On the other hand, the bright part which is Yang is the positive and pleasant part of life and it is independent. Thus, we can decide whether to nourish our brighter part or the darker one.

Which part of the symbol do you want to be?

Do you have any other meanings related to the symbol?


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