Work without love

Love makes everything perfect. Working with love means love your own work. Whatever you do, but do it with love that will help you to make your work inclusive. Everyone should love their work. Its consequences will remain during their whole life time. Similar to this, working without love also has an awful lifetime consequences. By giving a short anecdote this can be explained more specifically.

It is an anecdote about a boy who suffers most for not loving his works.

In childhood,

There was a boy who didn’t love studying. As a student, his first and foremost work was studying. He always procrastinated his homework. By doing this, he became lazy. Before the examination he never prepared his studies well. For this reason he always got poor marks. After that, he passed his school with poor grades.

In youth,

When the boy became a young man he needed to work. He did not want to work and didn’t appreciate all works. Though he had to support his livelihood, he started searching for jobs. For getting a job, he had to face a hard time; due to his preference and poor grades, he didn’t get a good job. After a long time he started working with a low salary and bed condition. Every day he went to work unwillingly. He didn’t love his work because it seemed tedious to him and during his work time he felt it doesn’t pass. Every day when he went to the job he starts counting minutes and hours for finishing his work time. He felt pressure on doing his works; therefore, his life became massy. Eventually, he can’t terminate his work properly and most probably every day his boss scolded him.

In age,

When he was in the age of sixties, he didn’t have the ability to work. He had to spend his time by remising what he should have done or shouldn’t have done in the past. He wished he would love his work and could make his live more meaningful.

According to the eminent writer Khalil Gibran, everyone should love their work. If anyone can love their work, then they can recognize love and know the meaning of time. They can enjoy their work time. However, no work is dire and all work should be appreciated. Moreover, working with love can help then to live a happy life and have nothing to remorse. So, I think work makes life meaningful, and everyone should love their work.

About iratahmid
I am a student of Asian University for Women.

4 Responses to Work without love

  1. phamtram says:

    I totally agree with you. If we do not love our work, who will love it? Moreover, working is fun. Let’s imagine one day when we are too old and weak to do anything so we have to depend on others, what will we feel? It is surely too tedious. I will disclose a secret to you guys, i think that all of us know the secret but maybe we forget and ignore it. The secret is to endeavor your best to do anything which you have chosen to do as a saying goes that (i forget its source) if something is worthy doing, it is worthy doing well. Do anything we can, don’t procrastinate it so that we will never feel bitterly remorse in the future.

  2. kalpana23 says:

    Yes dude! You are absolutely right that whatever we do, we should do that with sheer concentration and interest. Then only we will be successful in whatever we do. You have done a great job of interpreting a ubiquitously eminent proverb, “Interest adds the perfection to the job” in reference to Kahlil Gibran’s poem by giving such a good example of a boy who has a miserable life due to his recklessness towards studies in his childhood. To be candid, I myself am very poor in doing my works with love and concentration. Well! It depends on what I do. Mostly, I am interested on scientific and technological fields, so whenever I get a chance, I don’t leave any stone unturn to learn about science and technology, but when I have to study about history, everything goes over my head; I even get time to dream in class. However, I know it is not a good habit. I got to refrain myself from such habits, but I myself don’t know how to build my interest in history. Unfortunately, we will be studying histories of many countries in undergraduate.

    Anyways, everybody should do his or her works with love, interest, and concentration to get to destination. If one does not do works with interest, it is better not to commence that work.

  3. yogeauw says:

    You are true in mentioning that we should work in the field we like or love. People find it more convenient and worth to work as you like to rather than work where you don’t like to. And it’s obvious also that no one would like to do those things that they dislike but thinking of those who don’t have any choice, like the poor people and uneducated or other unfortunate individuals. At times they won’t have any choice. They have to do looking at the opportunity and the situation. They have to work for living avoiding their desires. Those who get to work in the field they love are lucky enough and should be committed to it!

  4. I agree with your words. It is true that one must love his love. Loving actually takes one to success, however, one cannot love every work. To start some work he needs to be connected with it. For example, if the boy had found some other things that he loved besides studies in his life, he would have gotten success in that field.

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