Whom I Actually Belong to?

Since my childhood, I have always considered myself as a part of my parents. I have always believed the fact that I belong to my parents. Because of them I have been able to see the light of the world. They have brought me up and taken care of me since childhood. They have sacrificed their happiness to fulfill my small wishes. Therefore, I also believe that parents have the full just to claim their right on their children.

However, while reading the poem  “On Children” by Khalil Gibran, a different question raise in my mind which force me to ask myself that to whom I actually belong. It’s not like that it has changed my previous thought and now I don’t believe that my parents have any right over me. As my parents have given me birth, I can’t ignore their existence in me and their right over me. In contrast, it has raised an additional spiritual feeling inside me which force me to think about the connection between creation of lives and the reason behind it.

The poet has given me an idea that God has created every life as a media for other life. Our parents are the reason and medium for taking our lives forward. While reading the poem, I also tried to look back the history of my own family in order to understand the concept I got from the poem. As a result, I have been able to discover the truth of the message the poet has tried to convey. I have seen that although my parents are from my grandparents, they are far much different from them. Even in my case, I am also very different from my parents, although they have tried to raise me more like them as their parents tried to raise them. Instead of all this, eventually we grow up as a different person with our individual identity.

As a result, the idea I have got from the poem is that even if our parents spend most of their life to raise us up, they really can’t control our mind and soul, because God has created every individual with different mind and thoughts. The relationship between children and parents is just a process run by God to continue the generations forward. Therefore, now I consider the fact that we belong to our parents is as a temporary concept, valid as long as we live.  Eventually God has the whole control over our lives and God is the one to whom we ultimately belong.

One Response to Whom I Actually Belong to?

  1. dorjiom says:

    mmm Rocksana, can I make a deduction that you are a strong advocate of Khalil Gibran’s poem? Are you sure that you strongly endorse his poem? I am skeptical about your sentence where you said that our parents can’t really control our mind and soul. It’s because I have my own friend who really wanted to become an architecture; however his parents wanted him to become a doctor. Therefore they force him to take biology as his major subject. At present he is is Sri Lanka doing his MBBS. What can we say about him? what about those children who gets married with their parent’s choice? It’s true that we are different from our parents but I guess it’s due to change in time and generation. But it doesn’t mean taht i don’t believe in god. I think if our parents really want to control our mind and soul, they can do it. Rocksana I think you are a lucky girl to have such a wonderful parents who sacrifice their dreams to fulfill your dream. Therefore, never forget to reciprocate their love. I miss my parents too.

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