To whom a child Belongs?

The poem “On Children” was written by Kahlil Gibran, who was a Lebanese American poet. The poem mainly discusses about the relation between parents and their children. Though we are born as parents and children, we really don’t belong to each other. Rather we belong to the heavenly god. After reading the poem, I felt that I am a god’s child, but not my mothers. On the other hand, it is hard for me to accept his point that I really belong to the god. My parents have sacrificed their own happiness to fulfill my desires. They took care of me and supported me. I need my parents for my survival. They are always there to lean upon in times of happiness as well as sorrow. Their presence makes me feel lively and cheerful. Kahlil says, “Your children are not your children. They are sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.” Although parents are responsible for giving birth and nurturing their children, they cannot control the life of their children. A parent’s child is a gift from god. In addition, a child might have their own decisions and thoughts which are different from what their parents think. They are capable of thinking for themselves. However, I disagree with him on this context. In my country, I have witnessed many teenagers undergo drug abuse due to lack of parental guidance. They may involve in gang fights and turn out to be a villain. Therefore, I must say that a parent’s supervision is necessary for a child’s success. Kahlil says, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” He describes God as the archer, parents as the bows, and children as the arrows. Our parents are the bows from which their children, the arrows, are being shot. The god, the archer, helps the bows to shoot the arrows with all his might. I agree with him because god determines our destination.

On the other hand, some stern parents want their children an ideal, thereby putting the child into much depression. Do not ask your kids to live up to your expectations.  Guide them, and your expectations will be fulfilled as you expect them to be.


2 Responses to To whom a child Belongs?

  1. thu nguyen says:

    Dear Tshering,
    your response is a demontration for critical thinking because you connected the idea of the author with your life. you compared and contrasted it. you also mentioned your idear: your agreement and disagreement. it is very great.
    although we are not in the same religion ,your response reminded me that my life belongs to my God, but i don’t understand your thought. why do you say it’s hard for you to accept this? i think we always love, care for, respect and are grateful to our parents. Certainly, we will not behave our parents as the child in The Giving Tree. The idea is that my parents and i believe in our God, so we have the same wishes to live well and happily together so that we make our god happy and are able to live with him after we pass on.
    moreover, i my country, i also witnessed the same situations that you experiece that spoiled chidren are due to the lack of parents’ caring. i agree with you, but i don’t resist the idea of the author too. we can’t deny the generation gap between parents and children. Are you sure that you are completely similar to your parents. i think you have your own idea, your thought that they disagree or misunderstand. Also, i’d like to talk about the author’s side that there are many circumstances that children are still spoiled in spite of their parents’ guidance.

  2. tdenkar says:

    Thank you Thu for your comment. You can’t understand why it is hard for me to accept the idea that I belong to god right? Well, I can say that god is the determiner of destiny and fate for all living beings. Also, they protect us, love us, and, care us, but I believe that it’s their duty as a spiritual being to answer our prayers and bless us. Our parents are always there whenever we need something, ready to provide us with everything they could. You might say it is their duty to do as a parent, but I would say that parents help us immediately. Sometimes, our prayers are left unanswered by the god. Therefore I really don’t consider god as my dad and mom. Rather I would consider god as the protector of our life.
    Yes, I do have my own ideas that are different from my parents. I didn’t mean to say that parents should control us mentally. They need to guide us whenever we take the wrong path. Also, in my country most parents don’t dominate their children life. They wish to give the best as they could.
    You said some children are still spoilt despite their parental guidance because some of the parents are being indulgent and lenient, so their children take advantage of it.

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