Significance of “self-Knowledge”

The poem “self-knowledge” by Khalil Zibran gave me a new inspiration to develop real knowledge in our soul. When I understood the poem I could realize the power of self-knowledge. The best time to enrich self-knowledge is youth. From my point of view, I think that power, in the true sense of the term lies in self-knowledge. Self-knowledge can be evaluated in mental and social terms. At the time of youth, we have an extreme thirst for self-knowledge. We generally think that power belongs to the strength. When two wrestlers fight, we think that the stronger will win. And in a battle the country with the larger army expects that it will be victorious. But strength without self-knowledge is blind. A blind giant cannot cope with a man who has sharp eyes. Self-knowledge is the secret of success in all fields. In ancient times, men had no knowledge of nature and they thought that the trees and the hills were inhabited by spirits and fairies. But along with the passing of days many unknown things were invented by the attempt of their self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge develops the conscience by which man can judge good or bad and right or wrong. It helps a man to guide himself in a proper way and cultivate all the virtues to become a complete man. Actually, it is related to humanity, morality. It is such a rational power that it grows naturally in human behavior which cannot ignore logic and reason. But nowadays moral erosion is increasing. We are losing the invaluable virtue of morality lack of self-knowledge Most of the people prefer riches but not the knowledge. Our moral character is getting destroyed.

If we do not gain self-knowledge from our childhood, we shall fail in every aspect of life. We will have to open the door of mind. If we do not allow ourselves to know the false, we will not be able to have the taste of truth. In the world, there are many bad events but we have to choose the good one among bad. It is self-knowledge.


4 Responses to Significance of “self-Knowledge”

  1. samia71 says:

    Your effort to give a clear view of the significance of ‘self-knowledge’ seems very interesting to me. However, I think that you can give the clear definition of self-knowledge before going in depth in your writing and clarify it by presenting various examples. As we all know that how self-knowledge is beneficial for us to judge ourselves and others. It is the way to explore everything. You can relate this sense with your experience.

  2. Dear Papun,
    I enjoyed reading your post and do appreciate your feelings. I also got the same poem in the class, but I had a completely different view about it. Reading your poem made my view much broader than it was before. According to my understanding, the poem is about understanding the existence of soul. What we see from our eyes and hear from our ear is not only the truth, but what we cannot see and hear also exists in the world. Soul is infinite and immeasurable. So, we cannot limit it. Our body has certain limitations. People often have delusion that our body is everything and we should protect it. But no matter what we do, we have to become old and die one day. It is inevitable. The only thing that matters is our soul which is immortal. Our body decays when we die but soul is forever. So, rather protecting body and doing bad deeds, we should try to avoid bad deeds and keep our soul pure. I agree with you that self-knowledge develops our conscience of what is wrong and right. Our moral virtue is eradicating nowadays due to lack of self-knowledge. So, we should gain self-knowledge to be able to discriminate what is good and what is bad. 🙂
    Digya Shrestha

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