“Scar, scar, scar,” I wonder whether An-mei ever felt ashamed of the scar or not. Did she feel confident to “display” her scar or tell a story about it? The chapter “Scar” cited relationship and love between mothers and daughters, especially An-mei and her mother, but it did not state An-mei’s feelings to the scar, a friend or enemy in her childhood. The scar is a wound which hurt her neck and heart; indeed, it reminded her of her mother. Did she ever tend to erase or endeavor to cover her neck because of the ugly scar? Should she do that? You can argue that love actually comes from heart, not from body, so she had better cease the scar. Simultaneously, it had two good consequences: she could become more beautiful and also relieve her pain whenever she reminisced about her mother. However, I do not agree with that idea. Why should she cease the scar? Why should she escape from her past? Could she forget her mother if the scar disappeared? Nowadays, many people endeavor to own “artificial” beauty. As a result, the number of people, especially women who joincosmetic surgeries, is increasing. Looking for or maintaining beauty is not wrong at all, but the way to “establish” or retain it need to be considered. If all members of your relatives have birthmarks in faces, will you exchange your birthmark with beauty? If a big mole in your arm was a gesture which helped your father find his missing daughter, will you exchange it with beauty? If someone actually loves you, he loves you just because of the beauty of your heart and characteristics rather than your “decent and romantic” outside. Moreover, remember that tradition and origin will be live forever (if you endeavor to maintain), while beauty only exists in certain time. If you take risk, today, exchanging your root with beauty and love, are you sure to keep the beauty forever? Are you sure you will deserve to your ancestors and relatives? Beauty is important, but the origin is more.


3 Responses to Scar

  1. Thu Nguyen says:

    Dear Tram,
    i agree with you that “Beauty is important, but the origin is more.” however, have you ever thought about someone who was very depressed because of their “unhuman” beauty? what happen if it is what she heritages it from her father that her face filling with a lot of hair? how about if the scar is on An-mei’s face, a large scar, but not in her neck? is there anyone who want to or dare come near her. love actually comes from heart, but how many people can think like that? it is really difficult for her to live normally in her life.
    i realize you are talking about someone who has normal face, not very beautiful, but they pursue surgery to get more beauty, someone who heighten appearance more than love. i just remind you to think about another aspect. thank for sharing your emotion. it is very great.

  2. I agree with your view, but let’s see the same matter in this view. The beauty is something that keeps you happy. The thing and the way you find yourself beauty may not be beautiful to others. The beauty lies on the eye of person and the nature of that person for what thing that person says the beauty. So, I feel that if you are happy with yourself what you have to say that you are beautiful , then you are a real beauty, it does not matter what other feels about you.

  3. tausifa says:

    Dear Tram,
    Your response on “Scar” is very thoughtful. I dont think beauty is comparable to heritage. If someone has a birth mark on her face as a gesture of her mother, I don’t think that she should raise it for years to show love to her mother. It is no matter, if she erases the bithmarks to increase her beauty. Beauty is not only to show people how beautiful you are, rather, beauty is for your own satisfaction. It is obviously an extreme desire to everyone to see herself beautiful. To beautyfy herself, if anyone erases her bithmarks, it doesn;t mean that she erases every memory of her mother. Love lies in heart, not in appearance.

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