Response to “The Way We Age Now”

What would happen to ourselves when we reach at the last stage of our life? I saw many older people including at their elderly age and perceived that that age maybe the rude part of one’s whole life. Because then our body no longer support ourselves as they do before. It is natural process that we will lose our teeth, have gray touch in our hair, and lose the strength of our body. If we think about our aging process then it seems very strange to us how we become older and have gradual change in our body and mind simultaneously which lead us to our last stage in our lives. I can remember my grandmother who was died at her 64 age. She was turned weaker physically because of having so many problems like high blood-pressure, severe body aching, muscle and backbone pain by this age. It was so tough for her to cope up with this age because she was afraid of death which made him mentally weak as it affected her physical condition. When I read this article written by Atul Gawande about the process of our aging and the significance of geriatrics then I realized that we should take care of our elderly people in order to increase their confidence about their age and manage them to confront their age which comes naturally but creates lots of sufferings in both physically and mentally. We can do this with the help of geriatricians.

Different types of diseases attack our elder adults and increase their sufferings because their bodies begin to lose the strength gradually with the time which are working and supporting them in their whole life restlessly. For example, we often tired doing lots of work day by day. Then we sometimes give ourselves a break to recharge and upgrade our energy level. Similarly, our bodies are like a machine which work and work and gradually tired and begin to give up their tasks. It is a natural process which we all face once if we will alive. It is geriatrics, a specialized field for supporting elderly people, which is beneficial for them to heal their sufferings. Geriatricians are specialized for taking care of elderly people and focus their needs while passing their aging process. According to this article, there is a surprising fact that geriatrics is a dying field since most of the medical school students are not interested to take geriatrics as their field of working. I would like to agree with the theme of this article from this point of view that we need more geriatricians to support our elderly people as if they don’t feel upset and capable to enjoy their lives till their last breathe.

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