Response to “The Red Candle”

When I read the short story of Lindo Jong from the novel “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, I became surprised to read Lindo’s sacrificing life for keeping her parents’ promise.

In this story, in every passage I could feel how much it was hard for Lindo to lead her life by keeping reminding herself about the promise. It was really astonishing to feel how much obedient she was to keep her parents’ reputation. Like her, I am obedient too to keep my promise not only to my parents but also to others. When I was young, my parents told me not to do such deeds that would lessen their reputation in the society. So, whenever I do any activities, even now I ask myself whether my deeds will lessen or add to my parents’ status. When I get the answer from my mind that it won’t lessen their reputation, I do the actions. For example, when I was a child, my mother told me that our society didn’t appreciate a girl walking with a friend (male) in the street, or taking meal together in a general place. In my college, I had many friends (male & female). Once they proposed to go to a restaurant to eat fast food. As I remembered my promise, I didn’t go with them. I always try my best to keep my promise. For instance, I spent my childhood in a middle-east country named Oman. I had many friends in my school there. Two of them were very close to me. Therefore, when I was coming back to Bangladesh, we promised each other that when we would grow up, we would find one another. One year ago, I learned from newspaper that face book had become very popular among everybody and it is easy to find friends there. Although I didn’t like face book too much, I opened an account here to find my friends. As a result, I found them in face book and in this way I kept my promise.

In conclusion, may be to keep these promises I didn’t have to sacrifice my life like Lindo; however, I had to sacrifice some of my happiness to keep promises especially my parents’ promises. In the story, if I were Lindo, I would try my best to keep my parents’ promise. However, one day I might lose my temper and burst out forgetting all about my promises, or I might make a plan like Lindo to balance all sides and thus, enjoy freedom.

2 Responses to Response to “The Red Candle”

  1. iratahmid says:

    After reading your paragraph I feel your parents are conservative and you are a very obedient child of them. I like the way you keep your promise and don’t break your friendship. But I am dubious that do your parents know that you are still in contact with your friends? If not, after knowing that will they allow you to continue to keep in touch with them because you are not child anymore.

  2. fmoriam says:

    You have related yourself with the story very nicely. Yes, Lindo had kept the promise of her parents and been a obedient wife. She did everything to please her mother-in-law and husband. I do agree with you in this case. You have also mentioned again and again that she “sacrificed” her life to keep her promise. Do you really think she sacrificed her life? On that period of time I guess every girl was supposed to do those hardworks that Lindo did. She belonged to a middle class family, but her parents managed to find her a rich family to marry off. Even though she had to toil, she got a good place to live in. In case of her husband’s impotency, she herself was not interested to him. So, we can’t say that she sacrificed her life to keep promise. Moreover, in the end she lies to her in-laws to get away from there ans escape from that promise.

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