Responnse to “The Way We Age Now”

I read the article, “The Way We Age Now.” As I went through the article, I, suddenly, happened to think that I am too aging in every second of time. The more I read about the changes in different body parts, the more I felt I am aging. I moved my fingers through my hair thinking this hair will turn gray one day. Similarly, I felt my eyes lovingly wondering, “What will happen if I am not able to see with my eyes?” A series of questions arose in my mind regarding other body organs.

However, I reminisced about “The Pursuit of Immortality” that I read in Reading and Writing class last week. I thought, “The scientists are researching and experimenting to find out tactics to alter the ‘natural law of death.’ They have made progress much further. Therefore, there must be ways of not aging too as it is very simple matter in comparison to the challenge to death.” Later, I came to realize that aging can be decelerated, but cannot be ceased utterly. Moreover, we can remain healthy and live independent life even in our seventies and eighties.

In the article, Atul has mentioned about “Geriatrics.” Atul has supported his arguments giving an example of a geriatrician, Felix Silverstone. Felix was in his eighties, but still, he was robust, healthy, and independent. Most surprisingly, he supported and looked after his blind wife though he, himself, is in his eighties. While I was reading this, I was interrogating with my mind, “Felix’s wife was blind due to aging, but he is still strong enough to help and support his wife and even to drive car. From this anecdote, may it be implied that aging occurs only to women? Why was only his wife blind? Why not he?” In the course of reading, I found out that there is a very easy way of not getting old – of keeping our body parts as they are. The tactic is that we should have of a wish of not getting old and a strong determination to make that wish come true. Here, determination constitutes maintaining balance diet, doing regular exercise, and doing regular health checkups.

So far as I know, there are also medical and surgical methods not to age. Hence, people in the present era age in the speed of a turtle pace.

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