Relation between mother and daughter

In “joy luck club” we are reading about mothers and their daughters. Every mother has a past and a present. Though their relation is universal, mother and daughter, but there are differences among their relations. For example, Jing-Mey and Suyuan’s relation and An-mei and Rose’s relations are not equal. Similarly, Ani-mei and popo, Lindo and her mom, and Ying-Ying and her mom, all have own pattern, background and present limitation between their mother-daughter relation. When they the mothers were daughter, they also used to think about self interest, but after being mother they always think about their daughter. Moreover, they think their daughters will be mothers one day. So they are willing to teach them how to be a mother, how much patience is necessary and how to hide own pain when a daughter neglect her mother. In joy luck club, we see that every mother wants to be close to their daughters. Indeed, it’s universal that, a mother is the closest person of a daughter and a daughter is the closest person of a daughter. Though they have different life style, education, ideas, it’s the mother who gives power to her daughter to have a better life than her, and it’s the daughter who inspires her mother to live long in the world with dignity.

In our practical life, we also have different dimensions in our relations with our mothers. We all feel very close to our mothers, when they take care of us, fulfill our wish, inspire and help us to reach our goals. Sometimes we think, for my mom I’m living in the world. However, when they don’t allow us to do as our wish, give advice or force to do something, we really get angry. We daughters think that, mother’s duty is taking care of us. We don’t think they are also human being, they also have own life, own story and above all the right to express themselves. We occasionally think about their life’s struggle.

My dear friends, I talked a lot. But my purpose is to inspire you to think individually about your mother. Think that we are the future mother and we are determined to change the world. So if today we don’t care about our mothers, we won’t be cared by our children. If today we feel board to hear our mother, how can we hear from all mother and women cross earth in the future? So, we should think that everyone’s have a story which influences his/her behavior. If we remove today’s boring, we can win the future.

One Response to Relation between mother and daughter

  1. meihuilan says:

    A good explanation of the relationship between mothers and daughters! From your writing, I got the idea that we should respect, love, and care about our mothers.
    Certainly, we all know that the existence of generation gap is a big problem in the world. However, just like you said, if we can change our positions, to think in a way that our mothers use when they think, we will understand why our mothers have some strange thoughts sometimes. Even though daughters and mothers may have a certain distance between each other, which may relate to culture differences, interest differences, and age gaps, daughters and mothers still can get very close by communicating and understanding. As daughters, the most important thing we should do is to love our mothers with our hearts, which may close the generation gap, I think.

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