My Response to ” The Way We Are Age Now”

People who are young are capable to do everything. They can do hard work and are able to struggle with all difficulties, but when people gradually become old, they lose their capability to do hard work. They also lose their power and dominating others become a memory for them. They become dependent on their younger for doing most of the daily chores and they are also economically dependent on them. “They Way We Age Now” is the article by Atul Gawande where he wrote about ageing and how a healthy young man gradually becomes an old man. He described about the physical; and mental changes if a person when he or she becomes an old person. When I was reading this article I reminisced about my grandmother’s story about her young age. When I was seven or eight years old, I asked her why she had not teeth and why she could not chew like us. She used to smile to hear such kind of question from me and told that when she was young she could break a betel nut by her teeth. I became surprised then. One day, I asked her why she could not sew my tops when it torn. She replied me that she could not see well. I thought that she was lying, because I could see everything and I wondered why she could not. Then she told about herself that when she was young, she used to sew “ Nakshi Katha” where she sew various colorful designs. I also used to ask her why she did not play with me. I was the only child of my parents then and my grandmother was the only companion of me. So it made me sad when she did not agree to play with me. Then she used to start to tell her story that then she could not play because her bones were very weak but when she was young she used to race with her friends and always she was the winner. Mr. Gawande also focused these things in his article that it’s people’s destiny to become old and lose their power.

Old people are the people who once ruled at their young age. Because of aging, they become powerless, but we should never neglect them and should try to assist them as we who are young now will be old one day.

One Response to My Response to ” The Way We Are Age Now”

  1. papunauw says:

    Dear tasnia, your response is very heart-touching and thoughtful. I am very glad to know you can realize the painful condition of the old people in mental and physical terms. Every person in the world will be old one day, but we do not want to understand the helplessness and loneliness of the old people as we are young.Most of the time, we ignore them. Even we want to send them in the old home. But why we cannot realize that we will have to face that time one day.All of us will be old one day. We cannot do much more thing for their physical treatment, but we can try to stand by them, give the helping hand to them. Our co-operation and company will give them mental peace. In this case, love can be the best doctor of the old people.

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