My Response to “The Way We Age Now”

            “The Way We Age Now,” which was written by Atul Gawande, gives us an image that what a person will be when he or she becomes old from the view of biology. In addition, Gawande has written several pages to tell two stories about two old people – Jean Gavrilles and Felix Silverstone, from which we can see the significance of geriatricians.

            I know there is a fact that we can’t prevent growing, so we can’t refuse to become old even though there have been many people who try to find out the secret of immortality. We all follow the way that we age as what Gawande described in the essay. However, with the development of technology, more medicine has been produced to care for people’s heath. Moreover, more people can access to medical care with the development of their living levels. Hence, people’s life spans have been expanded, to some extent. In this condition, people can live longer, but they still can’t avoid the suffering of teeth loosing or high blood pressure or other problems. For example, in the cases of Jean and Felix, both of them are around 85 years old, which shows that their life spans are great. Nevertheless, they have to face the decline of their bodies and mind. As a consequence, people start to think how to make the old live easier. In other words, people manage to avert some worst effects that the old would suffer. In the story of Jean, I learned that Jean’s life became better after she took the plans given by Bludau who was a geriatrician. Similarly, Felix, who himself was a geriatrician, could manage his life very well though he was very old. (He lived independently, cared for his disabled wife, and continued his research). I know both of them started the care of themselves from the small things of their lives, such as what to eat, how to eat and so on. On the other hand, not all people have this kind of knowledge; thus, the demand for geriatricians becomes larger and larger.

            Although immortality is a dream that most people have, living easier is also a thing that people wish for when they are old. In my opinion, when people search some ways to expand life spans, they should pay attention to how to live better as well, which I think is more practical in our lives. Therefore, I hope there will be more geriatricians, and there will be more people can suffer less and enjoy more during the last period of their lives. “The night is lovely, isn’t it?” maybe more people can say that.

One Response to My Response to “The Way We Age Now”

  1. Thu Nguyen says:

    Dear Mei,
    thanks because you discover and share a secret that is much more meaningful than pursuing hopeless immortality. you remind me of the beautiful life around us. indeed, our livies become easier and more interesting if we accept it but not refuse them. it is useless to chase something unreal or get bored because you cann’t live with your great great grandchildren. Moreover, our lives have limitation, so the most important thing is savoring them completely. Let’s do everything we like, everything we need to do, before it is too late.
    i really like your discoverings. they are really helpful and meaningful.

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