Lindo Jong-her reasion and passion

Which one you choose: reason or passion?

“And let it [your soul] direct your passion with reason” is one of the morals in the poem On Reason and Passion written by Khalil Gibran. As soon as I finish it, the image of Lindo Jong, a character of the novel The Joy Luck Club, came to my mind. I think she is a very good example for what Gibran mentioned. Indeed, Lindo sacrificed herself to keep her family’s reputation. Although she didn’t have any attachment with the boy she was going to marry, she still accepted her destiny. After she came to her husband’s house, she learned to be a good wife and a pious daughter-in-law. She was always careful with her behaviors to avoid her family’s disrepute. Even when she tended to escape, she also thought about her parents. I can tell you this is her reason. First, she just followed the engagement because she was so young that she only knew to obey her parents. As she was old enough to clarify her reason and passion, they were like a competition between two sides of her soul. She wanted to get out of the house; on the other hand, she couldn’t break her parents’ promise. As the poet compared, she was “held at the standstill in mid-sea.” Since both of these elements of her soul were considered to be equally valuable, she wasn’t able to underestimate one and heighten the other. Therefore, she endeavored to find out a good solution to fulfill them. Then, as long as the time elapsed, she let her reason to control herself from the selfish decision. She, and only she, would become a “matchmaker” by and for herself. As you knew, she won. Not only could she initiate her new life, but also her family’s disgrace was sustained. A victory perfectly demonstrated the advice of Gibran.

Have you ever experienced such a difficult situation that you cannot make your decision? Did you comply with others’ arrangements, or did you prefer your desires to your beloved people’s benefits? According to the poem, you should consider both the elements of your soul as your “loved guests in your house;” you should balance them. Neither ridiculously pursuing your wishes to lessen your assessment nor insisted your reason to give up your desire is not satisfactory. Let’s learn from Lindo Jong: “let it direct your passion with reason.”

Thu Nguyen

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