Joy Luck Club

In “The Red Candle” Lindo Jong says that no one showed up in her first wedding due to the Japanese invasion in her country. This quote did not influence me much as I had not experienced this kind of problems in my life before. It was just a normal part of the story as others were.

However, here is how I felt the next day after reading that. I read this chapter at night and went to bed immediately. I saw an extremely horrible dream that night. It was all about the invasion of Japanese in Sri Lanka.

The whole village, including my relations and parents but excluding me, were supposed to leave our own houses and go elsewhere. Japanese especially wanted me for them; they wanted my blood. They came home by home and strictly told everyone to vacate the area as soon as possible-without even delaying a minute. I felt that I am lost to my parents and they are lost to me; both of us are no more going to meet each other hereafter. The Japanese did not allow me to talk my final words to my parents. They fiercely told that they will have to take my parents also with them if they delay any more. Furthermore, they told that my parents also will have to be killed after if they continue staying there. Hence, I begged my parents to leave the place immediately, and to migrate somewhere else and live peacefully. Tears were rolling from my parents’ eyes like water falling from the top of the mountain. I told them to forget me as there were two more children to them to be taken care of: my younger brother and younger sister. I asked them to get out of the place soon. However, they did not dare to leave me alone with them and go.

Since the Japanese intention was totally on me, they pulled me and put me into their vehicle. I could even bit my parents a farewell. During the journey, they asked me to obey all of their orders; if not they will kill me within a couple of days. They told me that I won’t be supplied with any sort of materials to live: at least food! They told me the horribe things  about what I am going to face there.

When I got up that morning, I was so frightened and felt like wanting to talk to my parents immediately. Even though this was just a dream, it depicted how the situation would be when the aliens try to invade your area.

One Response to Joy Luck Club

  1. auwpriyanka says:

    Dear Mumtaz,
    Your dream about the Japanese invasion in Srilanka was gruesome. After reading your response, I felt really strange about what you had to suffer in your dream. I think after seeing such morbid dream, you were able to recognize why the people did not show up in the Lindo Jong’s wedding due to Japanese invasion. You might have been able to imagine the actual meaning of “war”. Since you have written that the Japanese were mainly focusing on you and you had to abandon your family, I felt very pity for you. Yes, experiencing war is a nightmare for any person because you have to suffer a great loss and struggle a lot for your survival. As soon as I read your response, I became compelled to think about the war in China which was real and devastating. I hope nobody in this earth has to face these catastrophes in their life.
    Finally, I wish, you will never dream about such miserable war stories after reading in any of your text which may leave you with worries.

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