Is it ok to lie?

All of us have been taught to be truthful since our childhood. We learnt that we should not tell lies, not only from our parents but also through our religion as well as our teachers. I also grew up accepting the belief that the one who tells a lie is a sinner. In the novel, The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, we read about Lindo Jong, who became successful in escaping from her husband’s house by the help of a lie. I am going to talk about how a lie affected the life of Lindo Jong as well as my own experience.
In the chapter, “The Red Candle”, we read how Lindo Jong struggled with her marriage. As she was not pleased with her married life, she told a lie as if it were the truth. She was so shrewd that she used the beliefs of her mother-in-law as a weakness. She told her that the ancestors were not happy with the marriage of her son and also included omens like a mole on her husband’s shoulder, her missing tooth, a candle, and the pregnant girl as curses from the ancestors. Her mother-in-law believed her for she was conservative minded. Therefore, she then was set free from the Huangs and was able to lead her own life.
When I read it, I thought she might have prepared a lot before making the plan. Through her, we learn that one must have creative mind to lie. In other words, it is creative to lie because you need to make others believe your untrue words as the truth.
In my opinion, it is “ok” to lie. Though I’ve always learned to speak the truth, I never trusted that there are any people who haven’t lied even once in their life time. When I was a child, there was my little cousin whose mother had died. All people along with my mother used to tell him that his mother had gone to visit God whenever he asked about her. As a child, I was confused about why my mother lied to him. When I asked my mother about it, she told me that it is ok to lie if it doesn’t cause harm to others. That was the day when I first learned that I can lie sometimes. Now as a grown-up girl, I know the effects of lying. I now think twice about the consequences that I may have to face before lying. I have lied thousands of times. I may have been disloyal to others, but I haven’t harmed anyone. Therefore, through Lindo’s and my experience, I think it’s ok to lie.


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