Gender was, is, and still will be a topic that is often talked about. It doesn’t matter in which era you live in people “do gender” no matter what. We read a lot of books, articles, and news about “doing gender”. Well not exactly, but somehow we know how it is interpreted in magazines, books, and news. “Doing gender” is simply not right, how can people have this terrible idea to segregate jobs or work appropriate for women or men. I want to scream at all those people who still consider women to be the weakest link. They are not. I am not. My girlfriends are not. My lady teachers are not. They are all not weak. “ You are a girl, you are not supposed to run like all those boys,” “You are not supposed to eat like that,” “ You are not supposed to sit like that.” This and that, when will it ever end? No matter how educated people are, “doing gender” is one thing that will not get eliminated even in the near future.

Was there a time in your life when you were a victim of gender? No? Yes? Well for me, there was. I am not quite sure whether it was a joke or serious thing, I was thirteen and a friend of my friend’s asked me this and I quote, “Hey Ozz, are you wearing baggy pants. That’s totally boy’s thing?” Just because boys wear “baggy” pants a lot doesn’t mean girls can’t wear them. So I want to wear baggy pants and stop wearing skinny jeans for a while, that doesn’t mean I become a boy. A baggy pant by the way during that time was at its zenith. I wasn’t the quiet one either, I snapped back at him, I said,” I ain’t got no rules, I like wearing what I want and get used to it because you’ll be seeing more of this.” That was some “doing gender,” huh!

I want to share something that I observed from the book we are reading, The Joy Luck Club. In the fourth chapter, “The Moon Lady,” Ying-Ying’s Amah tells her that a girl does not ask, but only pay attention. So what are girls supposed to ask? And in another situation when Ying-Ying was chasing dragonflies, her Amah says, “A boy can run and chase dragonflies, because that is his nature, but a girl should stand still.” A girl is not even allowed to chase a dragonfly. In the past, men were allowed to have mistresses, they can re-marry and it has been happening in almost every country. Women were not allowed to do anything and it is still happening at the present.

It will go on and on. There will be no end to it. We humans are so feeble, we believe what we see and do, we never look for the essential part which is “let’s not do gender.” “Doing gender” is not something to laugh about; it is something to be stopped. We must refrain ourselves from “doing gender.”

About ztandee
Student at the Asian University for Women.

2 Responses to Gender

  1. ansadhikari says:

    Hey Ozzy,
    Your blog is worth reading. I like your writing techniques – straight forward. To be blunt, even women differentiate themselves by their gender sometimes; it’s not only concerned with men and Medias. You might have seen or felt that even our girlfriends restrain us to do many things by saying, “We can’t do; we are girls.” This is the main problem which — I think — should be removed at first to overcome the stereotype beliefs. We can pull out the roots of gender differences if we make aware to the women who still believe it as an innate phenomenon. You have mentioned the dialogs of “The Moon Lady” and we can see Amah is the one who isn’t allowing Ying-Ying to run or to catch the dragonflies. This is a clear example which shows that gender discrimination begins in home which is often practiced by women themselves. Thus, if we hold back these women from doing gender then definitely I am sure the discrimination will have an end someday.

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