Chemicals and Common People

     One factor which makes us realize the development of the world is scientists’ creativity and achievements. They make ordinary people  feel  the world can be like  heaven one day. These ingenious humans  make impossible things  possible in such ways that no one might have imagined. Likewise, we saw the amazing video of a human ear growing in a mouse’s back. Today an ear is growing, tomorrow a heart will grow (which they are on process) and the day will come when the scientists will be able to form an artificial brain–a brain with sharp memory which can be replaced whenever we like. Furthermore, the concepts of immortality will be successful when all the biological scientists continue their hard work and intelligence at the same speed. As we all know, these experiments and new strategies are being conducted to make our life longer, but what if one human kills another human? Today I am talking about the war: the war between countries and the war between humans; the gruesome events where the children are killed, the men are slaughtered, and the women are tortured.  If the war continues, then what is the use of those biological scientists’ long haul and dedications? By the same token, I am also talking about the war of religion, race and sex. These wars have been killing people directly or indirectly until now.

     I wish scientists could also prepare some chemicals to get rid of rival feelings among humans. In my view if some kind of chemicals or organs can be produced and implanted in a human body, then the chances of living longer would be much higher then what it is today. If this would be possible, we could be close to immortality. On the other hand, I think that not only scientists but even an uneducated person can create a bond; a bond of love and respect, a bond of care and sympathy, and a bond of unity.

   We already saw an example of unity  in our campus on the Mother’s Language Day. Zara Khatoon’s poem, a call for unity, is a single step which has made two nationalities living in AUW to come together and live together in peace. This is only an example if peoples thought are not mean, and they do not want a war. Lastly, in my view each and every individual can be a scientist–a scientist to bring peace and love which will help us to live long to attain immortality.


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